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“One of a kind” All products are handcrafted one at a time. It is therefore very rare to create identical items. Every piece is an artisan creation , and based on old craft styles. There may be natural blemishes/ variations that are not product flaws. Such variations are inherent in the manufacturing of handmade art products, so you may find minor distinctions that make your buys special and truly one of a kind. Wood Used...
 Why wooden jewelry? Why not wooden jewelry? Some people dislike metal jewelry or maybe have metal allergies, and others simply like their unique aesthetics, but for many of us wood jewelry are about creating an object which binds us with the natural world, the passing of time, and values of reuse, renewal, and growth. Our jewelry materials come from eco-conscious and ethically responsible sources, and are produced in the same manner. The wood jewelry are crafted by hand, by our small group of creative enthusiasts: we care about you, your story, and making you a meaningful piece of jewelry. For us, wooden jewelry are a celebration of life. Wood holds with it its past lives, the tree it was, the beams that bore the weight of a roof, the guitar that reverberated with music long-lost. The wood we use is matter in progress, and we take great care in shepherding it to its next form, honoring all it has been and will be. How long will my ring last? The rings we sell are made with a process which maintains the natural structure of the wood, drawing strength from the grain of the wood, rather than cutting against it as you see with most wooden rings. Since this process has been continually evolving, we can't accurately give you a life expectancy for the rings. We can tell you that many of our first customers still have their rings from us, which have lasted them decades with proper care. The greatest determining factor to the ring's lifespan is the care it receives on a regular basis. These rings are designed to be lived in and incorporated into the pacing of our lives, so most of your daily activities are fine. The grain structure makes the rings structurally sound, so you do not need to worry about splintering or breaking with these rings. The wood is protected with a transparent waterproof finish. Although we recommend the ring be removed during hand washing, the occasional wash will not harm the ring as long as the finish is maintained. For more information, read “How do I care for my Simply Wood Ring?” Repair Plan First Tier: Free refinishes*, for the life of your ring. You’re in charge of the shipping, and we’ll do the rest! We can do this in about 3 weeks, depending on the shop workload. Second Tier: We can patch superficial damage (affecting less than a ¼ of the width of the ring’s depth), and renew the refinish. This tier also includes refinishing and superficial repair for prong, bezel, and precious metal setting rings. This can be done in 2-3 weeks. Plum Padauk Wenge Koa Zebrawood Mahogany Apple Maple Grenadill Ash Ebony Moon Ebony Royal Ebony Makassar Ebony Rosewood Maple Oak Bog Oak Walnut Desert Ironwood
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